Make Meetings Matter

Book by Charlie Hawkins

Make Meetings Matter - book by Charlie Hawkins

Meetings should drive results. Instead they drive most people crazy! Make Meetings Matter, the latest book by Charlie Hawkins, will help you rethink the role of meetings in your organization. Learn more about the book, Make Meetings Matter, an invaluable resource for improving meeting effectiveness.

About the Author:

Charlie Hawkins, author of Make Meetings Matter, is a professional facilitator and consultant for organizations that want to improve their communications effectiveness. Learn more about Charlie Hawkins.


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"Make Meetings Matter provides detailed and on-target direction for all those who have suffered through meetings that never seemed to get where they were going, or never seemed to be headed anywhere in the first place."
–Al Croft, management consultant, author of Managing a Public Relations Firm for Growth and Profit


Make Meetings Matter is available in bookstores including and Barnes & Noble.

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